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Manufacturing companies around the world face many challenges driven by globalization of business, increased competition, changing customer preferences, shortage of skilled resources, risk and compliance needs.There is also an influx of technology disruption such as mobile, wired and wireless networks, the cloud, Big Data, analytics, smart sensors and visualization tools which creates opportunity to overcome these challenges. Technologies together

with global like Industry 4.0, are fundamentally reshaping the industry landscape and providing an opportunity to transform business.

Manufacturers are looking to converge their Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) to gain insights to drive productivity, improve quality and reduce cost. At the same time, they need to manage workforce issues, customer experience, business risk and expanding market opportunities.

Go Digital – Solution Delivery

Performance Management

Rightsize plants, machines & equipment, gain real-time insights to run them efficiently, and improve design, operations and maintenance.

Remote Maintenance

Collect real-time data, detect and diagnose problems, and solve problems remotely or in-field with augmented assistance to increase asset uptime.

Augmented Assist

Transforming the Industrial operations, maintenance and field service efficiency and effectiveness with Augmented Reality (AR).

Simulation Validation

Build right the first time. Collect data; simulate various production requirements & achieve optimum throughput without disturbing the existing factory

GoDigital – Proof of Concept Solutions

When you are actively evaluating technologies and exploring ways to leverage them for your plant or machines, you want to get  started correctly. Use our Proof of Concept Services (PoC) to get a  prototype of an application and connect it to your machines/plant  and  see it in action. Our PoC services enable

  • Feasibility Study of existing information infrastructure (hardware & software), controls and devices (sensors, actuators, motor controls, switches, etc) that feed and receive data, network that moves all this information, and their security
  • Developing an affordable prototype with your own machine/plant data
  • Creating an optimal and scalable framework for solution implementation
  • Building a strong business case and getting the buy-in needed to implement the solution

Go Digital – Advisory Services

Understand how the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and influx of other new technologies will impact your business. Identify opportunities to leverage these technologies and build a roadmap for success. Our advisory services enable you to

  • Define new opportunities, solutions, services, and business models
  • Identify key capabilities and technologies needed to reach your digitization goals
  • Conceptually establish how key digitization capabilities will function
  • Define initial use cases, and create a clear strategy and roadmap for success
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