3D Factory Building


Our client who is a major automotive BIW line builder was struggling with slow design approval process & re work at the time of real time commissioning. Axcend, with enormous experience in helping the customer to achieve these kinds of challenges had identified that the customer’s current way of ‘2D factory building’ methodology leads to less understanding of the layout and collisions of the equipment’s causing the increase in commissioning cost. Axcend then played a role to develop a 3D factory building of entire BIW line to identify the collisions in the early design face & build the factory right at the first time.

Root causes of Challenges

  • Inability to identify collisions in the 2D layout.
  • Delayed design approval process.automatically
  • Inability to understand the 2D layouts for the layout approvals.

Tools Used

  • A 3D based tool to build the factory from 2D to 3D.
  • A tool to convert the CAD files into jt format.
  • A tool to create fly through & walk through of the facility.


The whole BIW layout was built in 3D by taking 2D layout as the reference. The 3D plant includes fences, beams, trusses, columns, gangways, forklifts, monorails, PLC panel, Light curtains, Fixtures, PRB, Guns, Robots, grippers, Gripper stand, gun stand & tool tip dresser etc. Standard CAD files (IGES, STP, STEP, XML, VRML, IGS & .prt) are converted into .jt format to import in the 3D factory tool.

The routing of cable tray & utility was done in 3D by considering the industry standards. Trusses & columns were built in 3D by taking 2D as a reference.

The whole 3D model was converted from AutoCAD .dwg format to .jt format for the purpose of viewing. Sectional views are generated from the 3D model for the routing of cable tray & utility

A fly through & walk through video has been generated for the clear understanding of the plant layout design for the higher management to aid them in quick design approval process.

Framework of the solution is as shown.


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