PC Based Visualisation Software with Downtime Reporting


One of our clients who is an industry leader in cable manufacturing segment was facing hard time to meet their business goals due to lack of monitoring on the production performance and maintenance activities.

Axcend, with enormous experience in helping the customer to achieve these kinds of challenges could identify that ‘manual data recording’ which interns reflecting a low production and poor maintenance causing the revenue loss. Axcend then played a role to develop & implement the ‘PC based visualization software with downtime reporting system’ for the target machines to improve the maintenance and production efficiency.

Root causes of Challenges

  • Inability to use the machine at its maximum efficiency
  • No capability to track the machine conditionautomatically
  • Less monitoring on Operator activities

Tools Used

  • A PLC system to monitor the machine data
  • A SCADA system to monitor and display the machine parameters
  • Client-Server software that will capture Work order details and Machine downtime reasons.
  • A web based application to configure shift, user related data
  • A database that stores all the data
  • A Reporting tool for analyse & represent the collected data


System was designed to capture the required granular level parameters from each of the machines directly along with the production quantity & downtime reasons from operator terminals on predefined time intervals.

An Interface PLC panel was placed to read the machine related signals; additional sensors were placed to capture the other information which is not available through the PLC. The Interface PLC will communicate the data to the Server PC over Ethernet LAN.

Operator terminals were loaded with a system to capture the production related data such as Work Order details, Shift Start/ Stop details and also to key in the ‘Production data per shift’ and Downtime reasons. To manipulate and get maximum out of this collected data we provided a Reporting tool to help the key management personnel to monitor KPI of the machines viz Machine running hours, Line speed, Availability, Efficiency & Downtime reasons parameters over Lapp LAN network. The architecture is as follows


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