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Manufacturing companies face constant pressure to meet market expectations. They have to commit to improving quality while reducing overall cost of operations. There are many challenges to meet like  changing customer preferences driving manufacturing from mass production to mass customization,  supply chain, shortage of qualified human resources, regulatory compliance & brand protection to name a few. In a world obsessed with performance, manufacturing companies should develop a solid culture and strategy  to understand their plant performance,  in real-time inorder to successfully negotiate some of these challenges and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

The GoDigital Performance management solution enables the plant, machine/equipment builders to rightsize their design and run them efficiently by providing this real-time visibility into their operations. It enables by:

  • Providing a simulation service to design machine/line and determine the potential for performance improvement
  • Validating the design (virtual space) with actual real-time data from the real machine (physical space) and undertaking continuous improvement for design & operation of the machines/lines
  • Empowering with actionable information for design, operations and maintenance teams

Simulate your Process and Design

Use a Simulation modelling service to design and validate machine/lines to meet performance goals and investigate how to make changes to increase efficiency and throughput. This involves creating a computer model to mimic real machines or lines and simulating its functioning using time based approach, with the ability to factor in variations as seen in real world scenarios. Using statistical distributions you can represent these variations that would naturally occur like breakdown, minor stops, changeovers etc.

Play with your design and refine

Simulated machine/line provides an invaluable insight on inefficiencies and bottlenecks and  quantifies the performance of a machine/line in advance of its implementation. Alternative scenarios are evaluated through ‘what-ifs’ and design proposals are fine-tuned to exploit opportunities. It also allows stakeholders to communicate and arrive at a consensus through a proven methodology. The uncertainty and risk associated with major design and business decisions are thus mitigated. It also establishes a baseline for SLAs between the buyer and the maker of the machine/line, and for the design as a mechatronic system to be tested, developed and validated digitally.

Capture real-time data

Real-time data is collected and aggregated from multiple sources like PLC, CNC, sensors, plantfloor systems and manual entries. This data now can be turned into actionable insights on your operations and validate design assumptions. With this understanding, you can now better target continuous improvement activities.

Gain insights to action improvements

Using standard and easy-to-use dashboards and analytics, you can now understand performance covering all design, operations and maintenance aspects of the machine/line. With pre-defined/standardized dashboards and reports like Production Overview, OEE Analysis, Unplanned Downtime, Top Losses Pareto Analysis etc., you can reduce the time to deploy the solution. These data can be sliced and diced through various filters (interval, machine ID, operator, product, shift etc.). Custom reports can also be created.

Taking Actions

Responding to a production anomaly becomes an essential part of improving performance. You can configure each machine/line for specific key parameters and generate targeted alerts/notifications for anomaly conditions. This creates an environment of timely feedback of relevant data to the operators, managers and senior decision makers. These alerts can be over SMS or emails. You can also add a layer of Augmented Reality experience to help with in-context procedures or instructions to act on these alerts.

Integrate with other systems

Integrate this data and information to other business systems like Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems to remove data duplication, provide feedback of actual performance and yields, and inform operators on actions that should be taken.


  • Increase human, machine and process efficiency
  • Increase Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Gain insights to continuous improvement
  • Improve your competitiveness and revenues
  • Reduce cost
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